I am closing down….

To all my loyal customers, I thank you so much for buying my products.  I have decided to stop now as I am getting older.  But mostly, I have to retire in order to support my autistic daughter who has had such a hard life whilst in care.  I need to prioritise her now and put her first.

May i take this occasion to say good-bye to you all.  I was the first in Cornwall to do chillies as a theme and my products would have stood the test of time.  However, I did not want to sell to anyone else.  There are those of you who will remember Hart’s Ice Cream in St Ives.  A beautiful ice cream and they did not sell the recipe on.  It stayed with the family.  I feel a bit like that.  I also feel proud that the Company had a product like Hells Mouth, invented by my ex partner but complimented by the son of the Queen of England, no less.

Good-bye to you all.

Love from Siobhan xxxx

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